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American Dreams

So it was a full-blown Hollywood ending for BB. Social media seemed thoroughly satisfied (which is the main thing, obv :-/), presumably because most comes were uppanced and though we were denied actual snogging at sunset this was still the Disney-est … Continue reading

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Waltever He Wants…

So it came to pass rather sooner than I’d expected (see previous post), however Flynn/Walt Jr’s ‘killing’ of his father turned out to be spiritual and emotional rather than merely physical. This, crucially, was also the point (rammed home by … Continue reading

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Bring it, Bitch! Some thoughts about BReaking BAd…

So. All week (on and off, in between what passes for A Life in Random-on-Sea) I’ve been wondering whether Walt told Jesse about watching Jane die because: a) He is, percentage-wise, now as purely evil as his own product and … Continue reading

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Ads, infinitum…

A confession: instead of flesh and blood, arterial doo-dahs and pumpy-bits, I have a cold dead heart made of steel and carbon, redundant phone chargers and scart leads. And the reason I know this (other than that full-body MRI scan, … Continue reading

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Tinker Tailor Downton Spy…

Exhausting evening last night, ricocheting from Tinker Tailor at the local cinema to Downton Abbey on the box… which wasn’t, with the benefit of hindsight, necessarily the right way round. While Downton probably makes a better dessert than it does … Continue reading

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